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Really cool! Getting a ton of Dino Stamatapoulos vibes from this. Keep up the good work!

Twin-Tales responds:

Thanks! I love Moral Orel!

Simple, yet effective! A brilliant example of execution and intent. Will definitely be interested in seeing more from you, mi amigo!

Another thrilling chapter in the Biography of PsyhicPebbles' Life.

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Besides the Transylvania game where you get to play as Ryu Hayabusa, this is definitely the best Castlevania themed video game on NG.

Not just a game...

Of all my years on Newgrounds, I've played your series from the beginning. I've watched your series evolve from a... I don't want to say parody... homage? Yeah, that sounds about right. A homage to Tom Fulp's Pico series, exploiting the puzzle aspects without the messy violence and adult humor to evolving into its own series with complex storylines and characters you can't help but grow attached to.

From the beginning, we've seen Phil develop from an average kid wanting to break free from the chains of academia (who doesn't?) to somewhat of a maverick trying to not only break free, but save the day as well as his friends.

Although no one was expecting a followup to RS5, this is a welcomed addition to the franchise and it's nice to see you're adding importance to the other characters as well. Some of the puzzle may have been a little tricky (the SNOZ thing was kind of misleading), but all in all the setting was nice, most of the puzzles were tough yet enjoyable and the characters and overall storyline are getting complex enough to stay interested, but not needlessly complicated enough to make the series unbearable.

Hope you publish RT2 *cough*RS7*cough* soon.

Wow, this is a really good game.

Right now, I'm taking an Art History class and this game is really helping me with the subject; I'm sure I'll be ahead of the curve!

Do you think you'll do more riddles but with different eras such as Classical and Romantic?

mrty responds:

I'm thinking of sequels, yes. I think the next one will be Baroque. But I won't get to work on a sequel anytime soon...

Thanks for the review.

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Dammit Rad, quit implying that us mods are a sexy bunch; we're trying to uphold a reputation here. >:(

Rad responds:

Everyone knows the chat mods are the sexiest of mods, Knights!

10/10, Fucking Amazing, I'm flattered.

AnalogByNature responds:

Robtically, even!


That was one of the greatest submissions that I have seen on Newgrounds it was original and it was something I can jam to

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You made me realize that F's are the horses of the alphabet.

That is one handsome orgy! Also, like how certain heads are massive and some heads are tiny; Chris' looks like he should be a baseball mascot, heh.

deathink responds:

Chris is HUGE irl! haha

At first I thought the strings to his pants were hands and he a had a little Quato-like brother-tumor like in Total Recall under his shirt.

RandoGW responds:


I've got nothing.

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