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Ask Me Anything.

Posted by Knights - February 23rd, 2013

Go on, I dare ya, motherfucker.

Edit: Check out other AMAs in this thread: http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/topic/1333695

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who was the third viscount of england

Henry John Temple?

best video game character of all time go.

Pft, Manny Calavera, duh.

Do you love me, truly love me?

With all my heart, babe.

Someone else made one of these a while back and I suggested they make a thread in General for everyone to post links to their AMA news posts. They never did. Maybe you could do it?! ...but, I don't think you can call it 'AMA' ...so maybe 'Ask Me Anything About...' (AMAA) instead ...or something more clever, I dunno.

P.S. Please don't call me a motherfucker :'(

Hm, that's not a bad idea. Of course, I assume I have your support if people ask questions about it.

The questions should be asked on people's news post... the thread would just be for links to the AMAA's (ask me Almost anything?) on their user pages, but of course I support you!!

You could also add (in the thread op) that when people are tired of it, they should disable comments rather than delete the news posts so there aren't a bunch of dead links... and/or set it to approved comments only if they're worried about getting trolled! ...oh, and maybe one news post a week or month limit... so you don't get idiots doing it everyday!

Ok, I made the thread. Now, all we need to do is wait for people to post their links to their AMAs. The only thing I'm worried about is if anyone's actually going to post their AMAs in the thread. (The thread is called ExtrAMAganza! BTW).

Yeah, that's a weird title lol. I can delete it and you could try again if you'd like.

Would you like?

Well, if you really think the title is stupid, go ahead; I admit it's not my best work. If you'd like to give me an idea for a title, that would help as well.

do you think anyone actually cares about your answers to these questions? how pretentious of you.

Well obviously you care since you took the time to ask a question, buddy. :p

It's not stupid, just not very obvious. See how it goes, I guess ;)

Hm, maybe. We'll see!

Why aren't you fucking mod?

Because they never asked me to!

can you pinpoint how many comic books you have read and if so give me a good estimates

Hm, around 1000 or so, maybe more.

do you like dc or marvel?

I love both, but I prefer DC.

Which 5 sites are in your most recent browsing history?

1. Newgrounds
2. Youtube
3. Io9
4. DeviantArt
5. Tumblr

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

Team Dracula

Do you liek Chinese girl cartoons?

Sure, why not?

Are you livin' there in Allentown, where they're closin' all the factories down?

Yeah, but they closed the factories years ago.

Do you have a boner right now?

No, but give me a minute.

Do I possess decent internet browsing habits? (I.E. - Decent poster (when I did post), good looks)

I'd like to think I'm a good poster, sure.

Are you truly happy with your current long distant telephone service?

Fuck no, I really want to get Verizon if only I had the money. :(

Do you intend on making it to the next NYC meet? I won't hold you to it or anything.

Well, it depends when it is. If it's in September it'll be hard to since I'll be moving to Philly, but I'll see what I can do!

top ten fictional characters?

1. Daffy Duck
2. Deadpool
3. Scrooge McDuck
4. Daria
5. Lupin the 3rd
6. Hellboy
7. Monkey D. Luffy
8. Odysseus
9. Darth Vader
10. Rincewind

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