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Posted by Knights - April 19th, 2018

Has it already been three years already since I made a new post? Well, I guess it's due for a new one! Hello friends, new and old alike to my userpage. I'll try and update more frequently with projects and interesting stuff from my life. Till then, I'd like to hear what you have to say about your lives. How are you doing? 





Comments (15)

This is your best post.

No, YOU'RE the best post!

This is still the best post. <3

you're user of the day how dare u

Sorry, I'll delete my account now in atonement.

Congratulations on being chosen as the User of the Day today! I have gone through the trouble of capturing this momentous event!


Thanks! Make sure to have that ready at my funeral when everyone is looking at all of the achievements I made.

Let's go get pancakes.

Heck yeah! I could go for some with strawberry jam and syrup, or, better yet, Belgian waffles!

Big man knights

I'm making muffins in the morning if you want some.

YES, PLEASE! Muffins are dope, blueberry's my fave, with some tea, of course.

@SevenSeize @Knights blueberry is my favorite as well. I got you!

How I'M doing...? I thought this would be about you! I don't know. Pretty good I think. Enjoying this Tumblr user influx that just happened. How are you though? What's up in your world? How's life and all great things?

And belated Congrats on that UOTD!

Aw, thanks, bud! I'm doing pretty well. Like you, I'm pretty excited about the influx of users and I hope to see a lot of more awesome stuff! Hopefully Newgrounds will become more relevant again in the coming weeks/months. Also, thanks for the belated congrats!

Ah yes, just looking at the daily supporter goals and how they're actually being SURPASSED every day now is pretty cool! By the double too. And more art than I can keep up with. Feels like good things keep coming our way this year, with the YT changes, and that Twitter conversation, and DA, and now this thing... NG's the only place really keeping it real. :) No particular news outside the NG life though? Just a steady grind?

Eh, for the most part. Got some animations and art pieces in the pipeline, but other than that I'm just living for now.

Cool, looking forward to some of that. But it's good to be living too. :)

We go get pizza now?
We go get pizza.

I was just telling my playgroup tonight that if I was cursed with eating only one thing for the rest of my life, that pizza would be the food I could go the longest before going insane!

@SevenSeize @Knights as much as I love Mexican food, I agree. Pizza is a several times a week food.

Naisu OwO